FOCUS ticket 1974 - DenmarkFocus concert in Denmark, 1974

By Steffen Staugaard

I got this FOCUS' concert ticket from one of my friends who visited a FOCUS concert in Denmark. FOCUS played at 26th of November 1974 in the KB Town Hall, Copenhagen. The price was 65 danish kroner, which was about 7$ at that time. The guy who visited this concert had a seat at the 4th row, chair no. 24. So he had a good view.

He remembers the concert as being played very,very,very,very loud, but without any distortion on the sound. Especially he remembers Akkermanns many Leslie Speakers, which gave the special guitar-sound, he used on the Hamburger Concerto album.

The music played was from Hamburger Concerto and older stuff.

Another curiosity on this concert was, that the band of Cyril Havermanns actually played as a warm-up for Focus that evening. So maybe Cyril did that during more Focus concerts in that period. Focus-members didn´t play together with Cyril, though they play on his first record. There also wasn´t any jamming at the end of the show with the two bands playing together. Well - that was the story of a nearly 24-year old cheap-looking concert ticket.

Steffen Staugaard


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