Pink Project / Jan Akkerman (25 years of the album "Dark Side of the Moon") - Live in Delft, The Netherlands - Friday, June 12 1998

By Irene Heinicke

Just image: the big market square in Delft between the "Grote Kerk" (Church) and the beautiful town hall surrounded by 17th century buildings. The church's tower entirely illuminated and in front of it the stage, in short, a great scenery for a memorable concert. The weather was also very co-operative, the sky was entirely cloudless (after all those rainy days), it was only rather chilly, but no problem to us wearing our winter coats. When we arrived at half past eight p.m. the supporting act of Steamy Windows was already in progress, this lasted until half past ten and sounded all right.

After the changing of the equipment The Pink Project started around 11 o'clock. Dark side of the moon: Speak to me, Breathe, On the run, Time, The great gig in the sky, Money, Us and them, Any colour you like, Brain damage, Eclipse.

The band played very well, they really sounded like Pink Floyd, I think, but only the vocals were a bit inferior to the original ones. However, the very difficult "Great Gig" was sung beautifully by Marieke Koster.

During this performance there was no trace of Jan Akkerman, the man for whom we came to this concert after all. My husband and friends asked me if I was still sure of the fact that he would play at this concert. Of course I read it in some newspapers and also on several sites on the Internet, but I also started to doubt about it. But then a break was announced, so there was more to come! After the break the band played: "Shine on you crazy diamond" and "Echoes", this was so fantastic, but still without Jan.

But then finally came the moment we had all been waiting for, Jan appeared on stage. He joined the band in "Another brick in the wall", at the end of the song he had a tremendous solo, this was the one and only JA showing everyone how to play the guitar! The audience was really thrilled by his performance.

Then the band played: "One of these days" and "Wish you were" without Jan's participation. The last 3 songs were "Comfortably numb", "Run like hell" and "High hopes". In "Run like hell" Jan played along with the band in the other two he had some brilliant solo's, I enjoyed so much! Around half past one the concert ended. We had a great time and went home with the knowledge that we had witnessed something very memorable!

The whole event (with free entrance) was very well organised!

Irene Heinicke

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1 - Jan in the center of the stage; 2 - Stage 2.

Pictures kindly sent by Irene.

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