Jan Akkerman - Eindhoven (Holland) - 30 / 10 / 98

By Irene Heinicke

Due to the many traffic jams we arrived in Eindhoven rather late, but just in time for the concert, that took place in the little hall of the Frits Philips Muziekcentrum. Before the show we met some friends that I only knew from the Internet.

Jan started to play all by himself, later he was joined by some session musicians.

ticket signed In order of appearance:

  1. Jan Akkerman - acoustic and semi-acoustic guitar

  2. Eddy Conard - percussion (Dutch)

  3. Manuel Hugas - bass guitar (Dutch)

  4. Thom Salisbury - keyboard (English)

  5. Gae Manfredini - guitar (Italian)

  6. Giorgio Secco - guitar (Italian)


    Jan introduced the songs himself in his own funny way:

    Set 1:

    1. Acoustic Medley I (Wildflower / All Together...Oh That! / Bird Island)

    2. Acoustic Medley II (C.S. / KingKong / Funkology)

    3. Sky dancer

    4. Streetwalker


    Set 2:

    1. Puccini's Cafe

    2. Pavane (He had not played live for years)

    3. Pedestrians (incl. Pietons, Hocus Pocus)

    4. Sylvia's Grootmoeder (incl. My Pleasure)


    1. Classical Gas / Tranquilizer / My Pleasure

    The concert was great, the audience was so taken by it that you could hear a pin drop. I think the performance of Eddy Conard was great too, he felt exactly the nuances of Jan's songs.

    After the concert, all of us were allowed to go backstage and meet Jan. The atmosphere was fine you could see that they know Jan for years. He was very friendly, we talked about the concert, his guitars and things of every day life. He signed my entrance ticket and we were allowed to take some photographs. After having said goodbye to him we went to a little pub in Eindhoven where we were having a great time.

    Irene Heinicke

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    Jan Akkerman and Manuel Hugas Jan Akkerman and Manuel Hugas Jan Akkerman

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    Jan Akkerman Jan Akkerman Jan Akkerman

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