"Focal Distance" and "BBC London 76" reviews by Steffen Staugaard


Well I donīt know what your intensions are on releasing bootleg infomation on the FOCUS site, but as a owner of the "Focal Distance" 2CD bootleg I can here give you the info on this release:

FOCUS: Focal distance, Live At Kouseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan June 2, 1974

Tracks Disc 1:

  1. Focus III

  2. Answers?Questions!Questions?Answers!

  3. Focus II

  4. Sylvia

  5. Harem Scarem

  6. Love Remembered

  7. Tommy (Eruption)

  8. House Of The King

Tracks Disc 2:

  1. Birth

  2. Hamburger Concerto

  3. Hocus Pocus

  4. Drum/Bass-solo-Band Jam - Hamburger Reprise (15. min.)

  5. No Hang Ups (early version)

  6. Hocus Pocus - Reprise

Players: T. Van Leer, Akkerman, Ruiter, Colin Allen

And itīs right the audio quality is really awful - but not for a collections item. Itīs though really a pity, because they play really energetic. It would have been great having a top-class quality release of that concert.


Many years ago I got a taperecording of the FOCUS concert: "BBC London 1976". The quality is actually really good I think. I also think the tracks that hasnīt been released are really good - really in Focus style. The Tracks are:

  1. Vigorous Woman

  2. Loosing D

  3. Maximum

  4. Sneezing Bull

  5. Bach Solo Sonate for Flute (part)

  6. House Of The King

  7. Little Sister / What You See

  8. Hocus Pocus

Players: Thijs V. Leer, Ph. Catherine, D. Kemper, B. Ruiter

Steffen Staugaard

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