"Medium Rare" review by John Huff


This compilation is from the same "Polydor Special" series as the yellow sleeved FOCUS compilation. It was a compilation of tracks by artists in the Special series, but weren't tracks from those albums.
No.: Polydor Special 3192 381 - It was also available on LP, no.2482 381

Track listing (cassette version):

Side 1

  1. FOCUS - Crackers

  2. Van Dyke Parks - Come to the Sunshine

  3. Lee Dorsey - When can I come home?

  4. Callagher-Lyle - Trees

  5. Thunderclap Newman - The Reason

  6. Birds Birds - Daddy Daddy

  7. Ginger Baker's Airforce - Man of Constant Sorrow

  8. Bobby Thompson - Foxfire

Side 2:

  1. Lee Dorsey - On your Way Down

  2. FOCUS - O Avondrood

  3. Van Dyke Parks - Number Nine

  4. John's Children - Sarah's Crazy Child

  5. Gallager-Lyle - In the Crowd

  6. Mainhorse featuring Patrick Moraz - More Tea Vicar

  7. Lee Dorsey - Freedom for the Stallion

  8. Bobby Thompson - Devil Dance

Comment - While the other artists' tracks are rarities from groups that had split up years before, the FOCUS pieces are late tracks dating from 1975, and have a more "modern" sound. "Crackers" is the album's standout track, and is the same as on "Ship of Memories". "O Avondrood" is basically the same track as "Red Sky at Night" on "Ship of Memories" but with a Dutch lyric (I prefer the instrumental).
This is a late recording, not to be confused with the 'B' side of 1960's single releases of "House of the King".

The compilation was released in 1976, and from the copyright dates I suspect that the Focus tracks were specially prepared for this compilation; other artists' tracks had all been released previously.

John Huff

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