FOCUS in the WEB - Rodrigo's comments

Rodrigo's comments

Why A Home-Page about FOCUS? Many people ask me that. Some of these people are my own friends. And a majority of them never heard of FOCUS. Perhaps that is the reason.

When FOCUS was at the peak of success, in the mid-70's, I was a child, different from the majority of fans who access the Home-Page, who at the time already knew the group, bought the records and, the luckiest, went to their shows.

I only became acquainted with them by hearing a radio program, in 1980. The music, of course, was "Hocus-Pocus", and I was very moved. To tell the truth, I thought it was a recent piece of music and I exclaimed: Wow! That is going to be a success (tsic...).

Beginning then, I got to know the group more each time, buying all the LPs (CDs were not common at the beginning of the 80's) in used record stores, since the local record companies did not relaunch records which had been issued in the 70's.

I remained a great fan of FOCUS, and became upset when someone told me that he didn't know them. Many years passed and suddenly this new wordwide mania arrived, which is the INTERNET. It was marvelous to find information there about the most varied rock groups of the whole planet. But FOCUS?

It is clear that I found many other pages speaking about FOCUS and much information, but I thought:
-- I need to create a site about FOCUS! And that is what I did. In this new world that is the INTERNET, I do not
  think that different pages about the same subject are a form of competition, but all information increases understanding. A positive point for all.

Also, no one succeeds in maintaining a page without the help of anyone. In my case that is totally true, and only from seeing the references on the site.
And in truth, the owner of all this work is the fans. It is they who are going to have access to all information, and to see that their favorite group in truth never was forgotten. It is clear that with the advent of CDs FOCUS had been remembered again in various launchings, but you can read about this subject in the text of the producer Mike Vernon.

For me it is a pleasure to be able to contact so many people who, like me, felt the lack of information about FOCUS for so many years, and it is an indescribable pleasure to know that their founders, Thijs van Leer and Jan Akkerman, continue in full professional activity, for the delight of all of us.

And many people never would know of this if it were not for the INTERNET, this virtual and democratic world, that happily is serving as medium for us, anonymous fans of this great group that is FOCUS. On the world scale, this gives us the sensation that we are many (and we are). But only on the world scale. If not, make a study and see how many people who live on the same block as you also like FOCUS.

Why FOCUS? I think I now have the response:

Why not FOCUS ?!!!

Thanks to all - Rodrigo, may / 98.

Rodrigo de Almeida Mantovani


Rodrigo de Almeida Mantovani
Born : May 25, 1967 in São Paulo, Brazil
Educated : Visual Comunication in the Mackenzie University, on the city of São Paulo, Brazil.
Work : Producer of Home-Pages, Web-Sites and publicity's adverts (on-line and off-line) to many companies, for example, to the best Chemical Brazilian Magazine 'Química & Derivados'. Owner and Manager of the 'Mantovani Propaganda' Company - founded in 1998.
Hobbies : Fishing, Cycling and Soccer. (I think these would be my main hobbies if I was Dutchman!)
Favourite band : FOCUS, of course !
2º Favourite band : Gentle-Giant.
Favourite guitarist : Jan Akkerman.
2º Favourite guitarist : Carlos Santana.
Favourite album : Hamburger Concerto - FOCUS.
Favourite singer : Peter Gabriel.