Part 6 - From 02/jun/98 till 24/sep/98
24 September 1998

Text-by: Manuel Quintana 
country: Canary Islands (SPAIN) 
divulge-mail: YES 
acquaintance: SURFING THE WEB 

First of all, I am sorry for my english.
I am very happy to find this web site of one of the best groups of progressive
music. Focus is, for me and my friends, a very important part of our memory 
of the 70's when we were at the secondary school and we meet at a friend's 
house to listen to the music of Focus, ELP, Camel, Yes, etc. Also, we are 
very interested in the return of this group. We wish Focus was very lucky 
in the future and continue creating so beautiful music.

We have a dream: to see and to hear Focus live, in a concert. 
If possible in our islands (the Canary Islands).
Manuel Quintana 

24 September 1998 Topic: cd Van Leer I would like to buy several cd of Thjis Van Leer. Do you know how I can do it? Thank you. Podrias decirme como y donde conseguir el CD de Thijs van Leer, Renacimiento, y cualquier otro de el. Gracias. Monica Beltran -
23 September 1998 From: Topic: Nice Site Hello, Nice Focus page! You know, I have a copy of the Rainbow concert on video, but the quality is not very good. I've been looking for a better copy for years, but one never turns up...Keep up the good work! Tim
18 September 1998 Text-by: Marco Tulio T. de S. Seixas country: Brazil divulge-mail: NO acquaintance: SURFING THE WEB comments: No comments. The music of Focus is WONDERFUL !!!
8 September 1998 From: Topic: Focus no ubl Caro Rodrigo Visitei novamente a página do Focus está muito boa. As páginas com o livro do Valdir estão excelentes. Ahh coloque sua página no ubl(Ultimate band list) É um searcher apenas para músca na Web Até mais. Daniel V.Gomes (Brazil)
1 September 1998 From: Topic: FOCUS on Television (just their music) I was watching the Biography series on the Arts & Entertainment network (USA) last night. They were doing a profile of the tennis player Billy Jean King. (This is the woman for whom Elton John wrote the song "Philadelphia Freedom.") While discussing her work in the 1970s I realized that that familiar music they were playing in the background was "Sylvia" from FOCUS 3. They played it for quite some time (while talking over it, of course.) It went very well with the high-powered tennis matches that were being shown. Just thought I'd share that with you. Thank you for a great web page. Joel
26 August 1998 From: Topic: Thijs Van Leer Solo Works Hi, Rodrigo: I am a classical music lover as well as progrssive rock music fan. Thijs Van leer solo works gave me very satisfying listening experience. I very much appreciate and rely on the information your web site provided to purchase CD's. One particular CD causes some confusion here. The CD titled "Collage" on your web site indicated it is a compilation of previously released Introspection albums and yet I found all the import dealer who carries this CD told me that it is only a single CD. The other 2-CD set called "Introspection Collection" matches the track listing of "Collage". Is this a mistake and if so, what is the content on "Collage" ? I will appreciate if you can find out and correct the web page if it is incorrect. Thank you very much and have a great day! Regards, Ben (Houston, USA)
21 August 1998 From: Topic: Focus- Brazil Tour Dear MR. Hermans, Allow me introduce myself my name is Stephen Altit and i own a production company here in Brazil .The name of the company is TOP CAT PRODUÇÕES ARTÌSTCAS Top Cat Produções Artísticas is a well known production company in this country and we manage some national artists (I am personal manager for some of the most important Brazilian artists, one of them is Singer / Composer call Ivan Lins) and also we act bringing international acts to perform here in Brazil. for the past 07 years year we are promoting a Festival Call TOP CAT BLUES FESTIVAL that we bring JAZZ/BLUES and ROCK to perform in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Last week we promoted a tour with Renaissance ( The 70´s Group) and i was talking with some of their fans and they said that you manifest to a person (I think his name is Rodrigo) the idea of bringging Focus to perform here in Brazil for the end of the year... So this email is to beggin a conversation on the possibilities.and also to inquire some things like : Who is on the Band ? Do they play all their Hits ? How many people traveling ? from where ? Status on air tickets ? Coach ? Average of fee for 02 shows ( Rio de janeiro and São Paulo Do you manage another band ? becouse we would have to thick in a double bill with Focus, becouse they dont have a big audience to fill the venues alone. If you dont manage other bands could you thik who would be good to share the tour ? I´m looking forward to hear from you Kind Regards, Stephen Altit Stephen Mark Altit Top Cat Produções Artisticas My Phone is 55.21.5124133 Fax : 55.21.2942495 Email : Web : Add : Rua Visconde de Pirajá 550 sala 606 - Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro - RJ Brazil - ZC 22410-002 - We Have the Top Events
20 August 1998 From: Topic: Focus Caro Rodrigo: Tive tantas coisas para fazer, depois que cheguei de viagem, que nem tive tempo de escrever para os amigos. Estou escrevendo para dizer que dei uma passada por Amsterdã. Fiquei lá num sábado. A cidade é muito bonita, mas ao mesmo tempo um pouco confusa. Há pessoas de todas as partes do mundo ali, o que faz com que se sinta até um desconforto. Mas as pessoas de lá são muito amáveis. Prestam informações com delicadeza e boa vontade. Quanto ao Focus, nada de novo, por enquanto. Para satisfazer a um capricho pessoal, fiz questão de comprar uns CDs do Focus feitos na Holanda. O máximo que eu encontrei foi um CD duplo que reúne o "Focus Live At Rainbow" e "Hamburger Concerto". Não encontrei mais nada, exceto relançamentos em CD dos "Introspections", do Thijs Van Leer (que eu não comprei por falta de verba). A propósito, na Holanda eu vi uma loja de discos gigantesca, que tem uma seção com progressivos de todo o mundo (estranhamente, os do Focus estavam em outra prateleira, de música pop). Em poucas palavras, era isso. No mais, foi trabalho e pesquisa. Um abraço. Valdir Montanari
4 August 1998 From: Topic: Video Hi Rodrigo, I remember seeing the Hamburger Concerto performance on BBC T.V. many years ago, before the advent of home video recorders! Can you tell me where I can get a copy of the video please? I saw Jan perform on 27th July 1998, in a very small theatre in Chester, England. I briefly chatted to him, and he autographed the back of my entrance ticket. The event was organised by Akkernet. Kind Regards, Peter Bibb (UK)
29 July 1998 From: Topic: Tablaturas Ola, tudo bem?? Estive visitando sua homepage sobre o Focus e achei simplesmente o máximo!!! É difícil encontrar pessoas que curtem esse grande ícone do rock progressivo!!! Entretanto senti a falta de tablaturas das composições do Focus!!!! E é por isso que eu estou lhe enviando esse e-mail, gostaria de além de parabenizá-los pela ótima homepage solicitar se possível algumas tablaturas do Focus. Abraços, Diego Ramirez Cardenas
29 July 1998 From: Topic: Focus videos Dear Rodrigo: just a few lines to say that I watched your exquisite Focus Web page and to ask if you know how to get those video recordings of the band. I am a video collector and I can trade more than 600 recordings of all ages. Thanks in advance. Take care, Jose Luis
24 Jul 98 Subject: (Another hello from Hadley) Hi, Rodrigo -- Nice to see the site's doing great, and I hope all is well with you. First, my Email address has changed -- I haven't really had the time to look through the site thoroughly (I still don't own a computer! I'm at a friend's house right now.). But, I did see some mention in the Focus on Fans section about some videos that are supposed to be available? Can you let me know what these are? Also, If it's possible to send me info when the new album is out, I'd appreciate that, too. Otherwise, I may never find out!!! Take care, Hadley Kahn (USA)
20 July 1998 From: Topic: Videos Hi Rodrigo, I love these guys so much. I bought "Moving Waves" when it first came out and have all their lps and Cd's. The videos are next so will see. Take care and great work on the Web page. What a great service and thanks for keeping the music alive! Rick Accordino - Tampa, FL. USA
14 July 1998 From: Topic: Jan Akkerman Dear Rodrigo, I don't know if you 've heard about the new !! Jan Akkerman album to come. Well I phoned him and he told me he is very busy now making two albums. One will be acoustic and the other classic totally made with secuencers. They will be released later this year.At the end of this month I'm going to visit Jan and maby I will here some of the parts and than I'll email you about it. Bye for now Jan van Beek (Holland)
9 July 1998 From: Topic: Hi Hi Rodrigo I want to thank you for all the interest in FOCUS once the best group on earth!!!! I think. Nowadays FOCUS is back without Jan Akkerman and I don't know if that's okay because Jan is the only guitarist who can play the guitar like a voice, that's what Thijs'told me long ago,so why take another. Later this year there will be a new album of Jan .I will inform you if it's on the marked Bye for now Jan. (Holland)
7 July 1998 From: Topic: Pierre van der Linden Dear Rodrigo, I have read with interest your nice Focus-site. Someone wanted to get more information about Pierre van der Linden. There is a site on the net were you can find more information and an interview (yet only in Dutch but will be translated soon). The address: If you want to link this page, you are welcome. We will than link your page. Greetings, Herbert Noord (Holland)
21 June 1998 From: Topic: nice focus page.. great job, I've always loved this band, & have a few old videos of the long one showing them playing inside someone's house? I also wrote a website of another great european progressive band (german) called "Triumvirat: greetings from st. louis, missouri, usa Russ Shaw
2 June 1998 From: Topic: Focus Hello! I visited your web site and really enjoyed it! I was wondering about the videos you mentioned. Are they commercially available? I would really love a copy of these and was wondering how I can go about acquiring them. Any information you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated! I'm at Best regards- Jim Brundage

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