Part 5 - From 13/feb/98 till 20/may/98

My name is Peter Derieuw and I live in Belgium, Europe.
I want to know the nationality of Philip Catherine.
I know he was born in London in 1942 to an English mother and a Belgian
father but do not know the nationality.
Can you supply me with this information and double check it ?
Thanks and hoping to hear from you soon.

P. Derieuw (Belgium)

09/may/98 Hello ! I'm Piotr, from Poland. My friend is looking for any video (clips,films,concerts) with group FOCUS. This man is a big fan of FOCUS. He ask where he can buy this video materials. Please send me any known addresses or informations. Thank You very,very much!!! Piotr. (Poland)
20/apr/98 Dear Rodrigo, Thanks for the beautiful pages full of information about Focus. I've been a focus fan since the beginning,but don't like focus without Jan Akkerman because there is no guitar player who can play like him. Jan van Beek (Netherlands)
20/apr/98 Hello. I'm very interested in getting a copy on CD of the Thijs Van Leer album Collage. (The 4 Introspection albums on 2 CD's) I live in USA. Do you have any info on where i might get this CD from? Thanks for any information. Colin Brill. (USA)
15/apr/98 Hey Rodrigo, I can't thank you enough for your Focus tribute pages. Theirs was the music of my life while I was growing up, and it still moves me perhaps more than any other I've heard. The only time I saw the band was clips shown on "The Midnight Special" years ago, and I was surprised and delighted to hear that various Focus videos were available in one form or another. I hope one of the other Focus maniacs out there will e-mail me with information about how I might someday obtain some of these. I'd be very grateful! I will make one addition to the information on your site. Cyril Havermans had at least one additional album following "Cyril." It was called "Mind Wave," and I would give you specifics regarding date, label and song list -- but my copy is in storage some miles from my home. I will make a special point to locate the information for you. As I remember, it was a very enjoyable listen -- harder rock in style than "Cyril." Many thanks again for your good work! Tony Hill
09/apr/98 Timothy Baugh wrote: > Hi > Have the Focus tour dates for Holland been announced yet? Will there > be a new CD to promote on the tour? > Regards > Tim Baugh > UK Hello Tim, To reply on your question about the tour dates for Focus. We are still negotiating several concert halls for contracts for Focus. Probably mid-september or beginning october they will start touring. In the meantime they are really hard working on new compositions for their come back CD. They presented their first single at the press presentation last monday, april 6th, at the Holland Experience Theater in Amsterdam. It may well be possible that we shall perform extra concerts before september and we will sure let everybody know via Internet or E-mail. Regards Maurice Hermans Showbiz Events Int. Holland
07/apr/98 I've just been folowing links to some record store websites and noticed that a single called "Movin' Somethin' was released last year. It appears on most of the sites under "Focus" alongside available Focus CDs. It appears that this Focus is a black "hip hop" group, not the one we know and love. Given that Focus have reformed, are internationally known and presumably will be after a US record deal at the moment or in the near future, it strikes me that the copyright holders to the name (presumably Thijs van Leer) need to know about this other group, and will have to ensure that at least the two groups are separated when it comes to publicity, listings, etc. even if the other group have the right to use the name, which I doubt. It's quite possible that Focus fans browsing these online stores could buy the other group's record without realising; and will then ignore genuine new releases. Seeing your link to the tour management, and your knowledge of the current situation, I wondered if you are in a position to pass this info on to the relevant people, if in fact you and they don't know already? Best wishes, John Huff (UK)
04/apr/98 Santos, 4 de abril de 1998 Prezados amigos: Estou comunicando meu endereço. Por gentileza, entrem em contato quando quiserem ou quando puderem. Um abraço. Valdir Montanari (Brasil) Age of stone mail:
03/apr/98 Hi Rodrigo, Timothy, Dave, Irene and Joseph, Good news...: Tomorrow, 6 april 1998, will be the day that Thijs van Leer announces the NEW Focus line-up and also more info on the new Focus CD and Tour, which will tour around the Netherlands in theatres (like Carre in Amsterdam.... beautiful and historic venue). There will be a press-presentation tomorrow in Amsterdam. Thijs said this just a few minutes ago in the 75th anniversary broadcast of the Dutch 'AVRO' (TV and radio organisation), after which he sang his version of "McArthur Parc' (by Richard Harris of course). For all you tapers out there....I have it all recorded on MiniDisc.... The new line-up, announced by Thijs, is: Thijs van Leer - vocals, hammond organ, flutes Bert Ruiter - bass guitar Menno Gootjes - guitar (he was announced by Thijs as a 'wonder-child'.....!) Hans Cleuver - drums I think there will be plenty of articles about this news in the Dutch newpapers next Tuesday (as it will be announced tomorrow), so I will keep you all informed. The day started right !!!!! (and will end also fantastic with Jan playing tonight !!!!) Best regards, Wouter Bessels (Netherlands)
02/apr/98 Hello, I just found your web site, which is I think about the best I've seen covering the band - although the Akkernet site is in some ways better at covering Jan, it is "official" and limited to one member. In particular, the coverage of Philip Catherine pleased me, as other websites and features on the band don't take him seriously. GIven some more time he could have given Focus a new impetus. I'm not too hopeful regarding the new Focus lineup - the old standard is not dated, and too high to match. I think that in any other context, for example, I would find Ton Koopman, Jan Akkerman's new drummer, superb; but he has to replace Pierre van der Linden on the Focus pieces, and that seems quite impossible! I hope they'll try to be different and that the new guitarist has a strong enough style, and a determination NOT to be an inferior Akkerman. I have two criticisms of the site though. One is that the discographies are given without LP/CD number and label details. I'm sure that many of these releases never hit the UK, and I'm interested in some of them. Much of the Akkerman stuff is numbered on Akkernet; I'm sure since you have album covers, you must have at least some release details. The other is that I'd like to see somebody really take on Piere van der Linden's post-Focus career. I have heard snippets of his plating in various Dutch jazz outfits and want to get hold of some of it, and know more about him post-Focus. There's an interview on the Akkernet site but no real detail... full marks for at least picking up on the Trace album which is brilliant. The links page is good too, and should keep me busy for a while. Thanks, John Huff (UK)
31/mar/98 Olá, Gostaria de saber se o Focus ainda está na ativa, vai lançar algum disco ou vai fazer algum show ? cordialmente. Victor Miranda (Brasil)
29/mar/98 How do I go about obtaining copies of the videos you have listed as available? I live in the L.A. area, does the band plan on stopping here on the tour? Thanks, nice tribute page. Anonymous
26/mar/98 I was looking at your web page of Thijs Van Leer's solo works and it was nice to see several of his works I didn't know about. At least I know what to look for next time I go to europe because sadly, these CD's are not available in the US. There is one CD I have of his that was not in your list. "Hommage Aan Rogier Van Otterloo" by Pim Jacobs, Thijs Van Leer, Louis Van Dijk, and Ruud Jacobs. The CD features newer versions of Sylvia, House of the king, Rondo I and Rondo II among the 16 tracks. I'm not sure what year it was released, but it was released on Columns Disc. Phil Goddard
22/mar/98 Caro Rodrigo, Gostei muito do seu site sobre o FOCUS, que eh um grupo que gosto muito. O Site esta muito bem organizado e traz muitas novidades para mim (Inclusive uma possivel volta do grupo). Aqui no Rio de Janeiro, tive muita dificuldade de conseguir completar a discografia basica do FOCUS (Os oito 1os. CDs). Na area de videos, o que consegui foi copias (de ma qualidade) de 3 videos: At the Rainbow; Coletanea de algumas musicas (Provavelmente Europeu) e uma introducao (4-5 Min.) de Hamburguer Concerto. Pergunto: Como faco para conseguir uma copia (ou original) do At The Raimbow (Boa imagem, Som estereo e etc...) ??? Nessa fonte existem outros videos ??? Mande noticias !!! Desde ja obrigado, Solon de Luna Freire da Fonseca (Rio de Janeiro - Brasil)
21/mar/98 Hi Rodrigo I' ve followed Focus for the last 24 years and collected quite a few of the solo records of Thijs and Jan. I notice that you have listed quite a few vidoes on your Site, are they available in Portugal ? Best wishes Peter. (UK)
17/mar/98 Ola Rodrigo Bom, em primeiro lugar gostaria de parabeniza-lo pela otima pagina sobre aquela que, para mim, e uma das mais fantasticas bandas de Rock Progressivo que este mundo ja conheceu. Faz um bom tempo que conheco esta pagina mas somente hoje e que me toquei que o seu autor era brasileiro. Olha, estou com um problema. Eu estou louco atras de duas coisas basicas: 1-Preciso comprar os Cds do Focus que me faltam (so tenho os tres primeiros). 2-Preciso das letras das musicas (e e ai que espero que me ajude). Toco guitarra, estou aprendendo teclado (e voce?) e transcrevi a musica Focus (vocal) para a partitura e tablatura. O problema e que nao sei a Letra (meu Ingles esta em faze de aperfeicoamento). Gostaria que voce me ajudasse nesta busca insaciavel pelas letras do Focus. Ah, tambem toco Hocus Pocus (tirei do Harmony central). Por favor me ajude... Ah, me passe informacoes sobre o material que voce possui da banda e onde posso adquirir mais coisas (videos, pirataria, fotos , broches, cuecas, etc...). []s Espero uma resposta breve... PS: Tambem me interesso por Gentle Giant, Genesis, Yes, Camel e toda aquela cambada legal... No site encontrei letras do Gentle e do Rick Wakeman dentre outros... []s again Edson I. dos Anjos (Brasil)
12/mar/98 I'm looking foor the sheetmusic of "Introspection" Please can you help me find it, because in Belgium it's no longer available. Tips are welcome too. Thank you Anonymous
10/mar/98 Parabens pela ótima página do Focus. Sou um antigo fã do Focus e de todo o bom Rock Progressivo. []'s Olavo (Brasil)
28/feb/98 To: Mr. Rodrigo Mantovani Dear Mr. Mantovani, it was quite exciting to read on your web-site that FOCUS are planning a tour of Europe some time in the future. We would definitely be interested in a colaboration with this unique band and would therefore be most obliged to receive a contact address. Do you know how we could get in touch with Thijs Van Leer...? Thank you for your efforts. Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience, I remain with best regards, Yours sincerely Wolfgang Condin BLUE ORCHID ARTIST MANAGEMENT (Germany)
26/feb/98 Dear Rodrigo, I read the Thijs van Leer interview today. By the way, I was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, but I moved to the United States before I could learn Portuguese. My oldest brother speaks fluent Portuguese, and his wife is from Lisbon. My parents are from the U.S.A. My video copy of "Live at the Rainbow" is pretty good, and it came, ironically, from "Rock Concert", a Brazilian TV show. Thanks for writing back. Yours, A l e c Alec Stevens (USA)
22/feb/98 ==================================================== IVAN PRADO FROES e-mail adress ==================================================== E aí, cara beleza? Quero te parabenizar pela ótima página sobre a banda FOCUS, sua pesquisa foi muito bem feita e seu trabalho merece ser reconhecido, ainda mais por você ser um brasileiro fanático por uma banda holandesa. Por incrível que pareça eu tive meus primeiros contatos com FOCUS por acaso através de uma revista (catálogo) que vende CDs, no qual tinha um CD (Moving Waves), este por sinal era conhecido pelo meu pai, no tempo de faculdade (anos 70, lógico!). Mais é isso aí vou estudar mais as informações sobre FOCUS e quem sabe um dia a gente não troca uma idéia. I.P.F. (Brasil) P.S. Eu tenho uma banda que tem influencia de rock progressivo e que esta fazendo trabalho proprio, se você tiver algum contato que nos ajude a mostrar nosso trabalho, por favor me dê um toque. ( GRATO).
21/feb/98 To Whom It May Concern, I live in Taiwan. Could you advise me where to buy Thijs Van Leer's CDs on WWW? Best regards, Peter Cheng (Taiwan)
20/feb/98 Dear Rodrigo how can I purchase the video Live at the rainbow? With kind regards Jan van Beek. (Netherlands)
17/feb/98 Hello Rodrigo ! I just visited your wonderful Focus web-site. It´s really the best Focus site on the net. I was really happy to that there was that many videos with Focus. So my question is now, how do I get to see those videos. Is there any place to get that stuff. That would really be great. Can you help me. Greetings from Steffen Focus-fan from Denmark
14/02/98 Por 10 anos tenho procurado encontrar o album "Hamburger Concerto" e não encontro. Fiquei sabendo que não foi lançada a versão em CD. Estou disposta a comprar em vinil mesmo usado. Se vocês tiverem alguma informação a respeito, please e-mail me. Obrigada, Maria Freitas (São Paulo - Brasil)
13/Feb/98 Dear Rodrigo, You listed Focus videos on your website, but did not say how or where to purchase them. I have the names and addresses of two U.S. video dealers who have some Focus videos that were not on your list. For example, I have "Focus Live at (Thijs van Leer's) Home" from very early 1971 with Jan, Thijs, Cyril, and Pierre playing "House of the King", "Focus...(reprise)", "Eruption" (excerpt), a Bach flute solo, "Le Clochard", "Focus 2", and other songs (about 20 minutes long). And I have "In Concert" (UK) from July 1974 with Jan, Thijs, Bert, and Colin playing "Hocus Pocus" and "No Hangups", and I have the Midnight Special from early 1975 where they play part of "Hamburger Concerto". Yours, Alec Stevens (USA)

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