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Bert Ruiter biography

BERT RUITER: Bass guitar and vocals

Born: Amsterdam, November 26, 1946

Educated: Secondary Modern and Roman Catholic schools in Hilversum.

Musical Training: Started playing guitar when 12 and is self-taught, developed by listening to and playing with other musicians. Pianist mother taught him to read music.

Amateur Debut: The Spectacles, while still at school.

Carrer: Made his professional debut whem 19 with the Jay-Jays, touring Holland for about 12 months, Formed a five-piece band called Full-Horse with a guitarist friend, Herman Meyer, which played theatre and cabaret in Holland, Belgium and Germany for several months backing Dutch entertainer Herman Van Veen. Devoted a year to pratice and formulation of his future plans, but did a weekly jam-session at a club. Joined FOCUS in September 1971.

Musical Influences: Richard Davis, Jack Bruce and every good bass player.

Favourite Single: "Layla", Derek and the Dominoes.

Most Influential L.P.: "Miles Davis Live".

Favourite Composers: Bach, Burt Bacharach.

Favourite Musician: Richard Davis.

Favourite Singer: Elvis Presley.

Instruments: Fender Jazz Bass with St. David medium gauge strings, Yamaha accoustic with C and W strings, Fender Super Showman XFL 2000 400-watt stack with pre-amp, sound mixer and two Fender cabinets each one containing eight 10 inch speakers and a built in 200-watt solid-state amplifier. Plays a bit of piano for his own amusement.

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Text and pictures kindly sent by Steffen Staugaard ( Denmark )

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