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Pierre van der Linden biography


Born: Amsterdam, February 19, 1946.

Education: Primary school in Amsterdam.

Musical Training: Began playing drums at 14 and was taught for five years by Louis De Heer, percussionist with the Dutch Opera Symphony Orchestra and for two years by Nico Prins, of the Harry De Groot Radio and Television Orchestra.

Semi-Prof. Debut: Aged 14 with Johnny and the Cellar Rockers, for two years, with Jan Akkerman.

Carrer: Made his pro-debut with ZZ and the Maskers, with whom he spent 18 months. Toured with a group playing between acts in the Toni Boltini Circus for seven months. Did some session work. Spent two years with Brainbox.

Musical Influences: John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, Charlie Parker, Buddy Rich.

Favourite Single: None.

Most Influential L.P.: "Heavy Sounds", Richard Davis and Elvis Jones, "Four More", Miles Davis.

Favourite Musicians: John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy.

Favourite Singer: Rod Stewart.

Instruments: Premier drum kit with 24 inch bass drum, 16 X 16 inch and 14 X 14 inch tom-toms and Rogers share drum. Paiste 40 and 45 cm and Zidjiam 50 am cymbals. Paiste 30 cm hi-hats with Ludwig stand. Premier C hickory drumsticks.

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Text and pictures kindly sent by Steffen Staugaard ( Denmark )

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