Thijs in Tokyo A friend of mine, Andre Piquet, digitalized some FOCUS videos and sent it to us. He used an Apple Macintosh Computer, the Adobe's 'After-Effects' and 'Premiere' softwares, and told me that all the images are in black'n'white because the low VHS quality copies, but I think the pictures will help the fans that never attended these videos to know some of it.

In the 'Goud Van Oud' re-union (1990) FOCUS played on a large stage with wonderful structure, to a very big audience. This presentation went a rare opportunity to the fans, they saw the band together many years before Focus to have finished as a group. The band presented its classics songs, no new composition. Unfortunatelly the FOCUS music isn't so much knowed by the young people nowadays, even in Holland, its homeland. I think that all the media (radio, tv, etc) prefers to invest in easy-listening music, and great bands like FOCUS are left in the forgetfulness.

The 'Old Grey Whistle Test' (BBC 1972) is one of the more knowed FOCUS video - besides 'Live at the Rainbow'. This is a mark in the group career, when they began to obtain success in England - the capital of the pop music in the seventies, and the beginning of the success in the rest of the world.

The presentations in the Tokyo Nakano Sunplaza Hall had a lot of energy, we can see it in the 'hocus-pocus' clip - The animated gif image here show Thijs 'yodeling' in this song. In the same tour, the band play at Koseinenkin Hall, at June 30, 1974.

The 'Portrait of Focus' documentary (Germany TV, 1972 - also knowed as 'Manticore Special') begins with 2 video-clips: 'house of the king' and 'focus vocal' - in this last one we can see a little girl danced holding a turtle(!) while the band play the song. After this great introduction we can see Focus rehearsing for what would become the 'Moving Waves' album. There's interesting scenes in this video: a girl who's slicing the cheese while the band play in a kitchen(?) is the daughter of Hubert Terheggen, which was the man behind Radio-TeleMusic, where the Focus songs were published. The woman who is knitting while the band is playing is Jan's mother (she's actually 76 at the moment). I hope you enjoy these pics like me!

Rodrigo A. Mantovani- nov/1999

Acknowledgments: Wouter (AkkerArchives)
Tim Baugh
Andre F. Piquet

  • D.K. Rock Concert, 74 (this page)
  • Tokyo Nakano Sunplaza Hall 6/74
  • Goud Van Oud - Holland Re-Union Show 20-4-90
  • Old Grey Whistle Test 72 and Portrait of Focus 72, Live in Studio, Germany TV

  • *All pictures in this section kindly sent by Andre F. Piquet, Brazil.