Tracks :

  1. Rondo Nr.1 (2.43)
  2. Think of me (3.14)
  3. Memory (4.46)
  4. Last night of the world (4.27)
  5. Summertime (5.08)
  6. I've grown accustomed to her face (3.57)
  7. If I were a rich man (3.20)
  8. Musical Melody (5.12)
  9. Tomorrow (4.48)
  10. I know him so well (4.13)
  11. The lonely Goatherd (2.49)
  12. When I write (2.45)
  13. Any dream will do (4.35)
  14. All I ask of you (3.57)
  15. Silvia (3.10)
  16. I'd like to be in America (4.18)

Concept & Compilation: Rein Gerlofs
Production: André Pouwer
Willibrord Studio Veenendaal
Engineered by Paul Pouwer and André Pouwer
Strings Orchestra: Van Wassenaer Consort
Contractor: Benoit Segond von Blanchet
Concertleader: Robert Windak
Guitars: Lex Bolderdijk and Gerard Peters
Piano: Cor Bakker
Bass: Erik Olsman and Charly Angenois
Drums: Hans Dekker
Keyboards: Christan Grotenbreg, André Bijleveld and André Pouwer
Percussion: Martin Gort
Bassoon: Frank van Leer

  1. André Bijleveld
  2. Christian Grotenbreg
  3. André Pouwer
  4. Dirk Keijzer/Cor Bakker
  5. Henk Ruiter
  6. Henk Meutgeert
  7. Thijs van Leer
Product of Megasound - mcps - seasons

I bought this CD in 1997 from 'Compact Disc Services'. It is an exact copy of the 'Musical Melody' CD with the exception of two tracks. The first track on Musical Melody ('You're the one that I want') is replaced on 'Summertime' with 'Rondo No1' and track 15 on MM ('I dreamed a dream') is replaced with the Focus track 'Sylvia' on 'Summertime' (spelt 'Silvia' for some reason!). Like 'Musical Melody' there is nothing on the 'Summertime' CD or cover to indicate when it was released but I think this is a repackage of 'Musical Melody' rather than the other way round. I bought 'Musical Melody' in Amsterdam in 1996. 'Summertime' may still be available from 'Compact Disc Services' it's worth buying for 'Sylvia'.

Graham Crawford

See also the Musical Melody

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