ON THE MOVE - 1975

Rogier van Otterloo - On the Move - 1975


Kant 1:

  1. Go on Forever (We zullen doorgaan)*
  2. Alfie's Lullaby
  3. On the Move
  4. Alone at Last

Kant 2:

  1. My Dearest Fluffie
  2. The Eternal Triangle
  3. I do Remember
  4. The Flattened Tenth

All songs composed by Rogier van Otterloo, except * by Ramses Shaffy and Rogier van Otterloo.

Rogier van Otterloo in the back cover - click to see the enlarged picture.

Musicians :
Violin: Tony Gilbert, Desmond Bradley, John Ronayne, Derek Solomon, Trevor Williams, Neville Taweel, Ch. Vorzanger, Paul Scherman, Eric Bowie, Michael Jones, Jack Mandel, Sidney Margo, jack Greenstone, Bernard Monshin
Viola: Ken Essex, George Turnland, Bernard Davis, John Underwood
Cello: Francis Gabarro, Peter Willison, Chris Green, Bram Martin
Trumpet: Derek Watkins, Tony Fisher, Eddy Blair
Trombone: Don Lusher, Nat Peck, Ken Goldie
French Horn: James Brown, Andrew McGavin
Bassoon: Martin Gatt, Howard Etherton
Bass guitar: Rob Langereis
Voices: Letty de Jong, Titia Dekker, Judith Damste, Wanda Stellaard
Guitar: Martin Kershaw
Flute: Roy Willox
Oboe: Dick Morgan
Bass (Arco): Barry Guy
Drums: Alf Bigden
Piano: Henk Elkerbout
Percussion: Jim Lawless
Contractor: Nat Peck

Composed, arranged and conducted by Rogier van Otterloo. Produced by Cees Schrama.
Recorded at CTS Studios, London, on 13/14 Oct. and 10th December 1975.

This magnificent album shows that Thijs van Leer left his solo career in good hands when chose Rogier van Otterloo to arrange and conduct the Introspections albums.

The lyricism of this record shows a composer like in quality as others more famous like Quincy Jones.

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