Wild Connections - 1979
Rick Van Der Linden and Jack Lancaster

Wild Connections


Side 1:

  1. Early Morning Jones
  2. Your Home
  3. African Violet
  4. Fortuna

Side 2:

  1. Wild Connections
  2. Claudia
  3. Aural Exciter
  4. Nyala

Jack Lancaster:
Rick Van Der Linden: Yamaha GX1
Barry Morgan: Drums
The English Chorale: Additional Vocals

Wild Connections, Acrobat Records ACRO 2.
Recorded at Franz Peters, Hillversum, Holland mixed at Trident Studios, London, England.

With the exception of drums and choir, this album is completely synthesised on Lyricon and Yamaha GX1. The lyricon is an electronic wind instrument capable of the fullest range of expression. The sounds available on the Lyricon are practically infinite. GX1 is a tri-manual synthesiser with bass pedals; "Yamaha's Monster!" Stevie Wonder called it "The dream machine".

I know very little about this album except for the very few sleeve notes which I have written above. It is fairly pedestrian for the most part, with a few good moments such as the choir on 'Fortuna' (better known in Carl Orffs work 'Carmina Burana'). The melodies are very pleasant and the whole thing is very reminiscent of say Jean Michel Jarre. I like this album, but it's really for the completists I think. By the way the fabled 'Lyricon' sounds for the most part like a treated soprano sax, personally I'd have preferred the soprano sax.

Tom Watson

All text and picture kindly sent by Tom Watson.

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