Blue Prince - 2000

Blue Prince - 2000

Blue Prince - 2000


  1. Coffee groove
  2. Global warming
  3. With a song in my heart
  4. The creeper
  5. The postman
  6. More bells
  7. Memories of you
  8. Kwa Heri
  9. Blue prince
  10. Arthur Rainbow
  11. Magic Box
  12. Sweet Lorraine

Recorded at Studio Ferber in Paris during June 2000

Musicians :
Philip Catherine
- Guitar
Bert Joris - Bugle and trumpet
Hein Van de Geyn - Bass
Hans Van Oosterhout - Drums

Philip Catherine has been producing some classy CDs lately and this will not disappoint. Philip even manages to get some cool distorted guitar tones into his playing. There is not bad track on the album and the playing from the whole band is superb.

Philip always manages interesting chord sequences together with fluid lead lines which means that the listener is rewarded with new insights at each playing. Note the playing on 'More Bells' with starts with a great groove before Philip embarks on a great mildly distorted guitar solo. This track also echoes the great 'Angel Wings' which was part of the 1976 Focus live set.

Other stand out tracks include the topical 'Global Warming', the excellent groove of 'the creeper' and 'Arthur Rainbow'. The band are also good with Bert Joris recalling Philip's work with Chet Baker.

Timothy Baugh

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