Splendid Bonus Tracks - 1992

TWIN HOUSE + Five Splendid Bonus Tracks


  1. Ms Julie - 5:26
  2. Homecomings - 5:55
  3. Airpower - 4:02
  4. Twin House - 5:16
  5. Gloryell - 7:16
  6. Nuages - 5:17
  7. Twice a Week - 4:42
  8. Dance Dream - 5:26
  9. Snowshadows - 3:29
  10. Deus Xango - 5:28
  11. My Serenade - 4:54
  12. Father Christmas - 2:39
  13. The Train and the River - 4:51

Playing time: 64:41

Musicians :
Philip Catherine:
acoustic guitar
Larry Coryell: acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Joachim Kuhn: acoustic piano

Produced by Siegfried Loch

Digital Mastering by Greg Calby/Sterling Sound New York
Tracks 1-8 recorded 1976 at Olympic Sound Studios, London
Tracks 9-13 recorded 1977 at Rüssl Studios, Hamburg
1992 - ACT Music + Vision GmbH + CO.KG
1977 & 1978 WEA - Manufactured by courtesy of WEA Records GmbH

This is the CD version of 'Twin House' by Larry Coryell & Phillip Catherine. It is infact a combination of the 'Splendid' album and 'Twin House'. Tracks 1 to 7 are from 'Twin House'. Track 8 is a previously unreleased track and replaces 'Mortgage of your Soul' from the original album. The remaining tracks are from 'Splendid'.

Graham Crawford.

All text and picture kindly sent by Graham Crawford.

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