Charles Mingus - 1977

this cover scan kindly sent by Brendan Gardiner.


  1. Better Git Hit In Your Soul [Mingus] 4'35
  2. Good bye, Pork Pie Hat [Mingus] 7'00
  3. Noddin Ya Head Blues [Mingus] 10'32
  4. Three or Four Shades of Blues [Mingus] 12'03 *
  5. Nobody Knows [Mingus] 10'06 **

All selections were composed by Charles Mingus and are published by jazz Workshop BMI.

Musicians :

Charles Mingus,
George Coleman (sax) except **,
Ricky Ford (sax),
Jack Walrath (trump),
Larry Coryell (g) except on **,
Philip Catherine (g) except on *,
John Scofield (g) on * and **,
Bob Neloms (p),
George Mraz (b) except * and **
Dannie Richmond (d)
Jimmy Rowles (p) on *,
Sonny Fortune (sax) on **,
Ron Carter (b) on **

(USA) Atlantic SD 1700, 1977

A classic, of course. Nice to see three of my fave guitarists together.

Eduardo Leudy

Text and tracks list kindly sent by Eduardo Leudy

Additional Information [ kindly sent by Brendan Gardiner]

The Personnel is:
Charles Mingus ,bass; George Coleman, alto & tenor saxophones: Ricky Ford, tenor saxophone; Jack Walrath, trumpet; Philip Catherine & Larry Coryell, guitars; Bob Neloms, piano; George Mraz, bass; Dannie Richmond, drums.

On Three or Four Shades of Blues, Jimmy Rowles is addedon piano; John Scofield replaces Philip Catherine on guitar; George Mraz does not appear in this selection.

On Nobody Knows, Sonny Fortune is added on alto saxophone; John Scofield replaces Larry Coryell on guitar; Ron Carter replaces George Mraz on bass; George Coleman does not appear in this selection.

Solo orders:
Better Get Hit in Your Soul: Mingus (intro), Coryell, Catherine/Coryell (over last riff before tenor solo), Ford.
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat: Mraz (bowed intro), coryell,Catherine, Coleman, Mingus, Coryell/Catherine.
Noddin Ya Head Blues: Coleman, Coryell, Ford, Catherine, Mingus.
Three or Four Shades of Blues: Walrath, Neloms, Rowles, Neloms, Walrath,Ford, Coryell, Mingus, Coleman, Scofield.
Nobody Knows: Fortune, Scofield, Walrath, Catherine, Ford.

Three or Four Shades of Blues was arranged by Charles Mingus. All the other selections were arranged by Paul Jeffrey.
Better Get Hit in Your Soul: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat and Noddin Ya Head Blues were recorded on march9, 1977. Nobody Knows on on march 11, 1977, at Atlantic Studios, New York, NY.

Recording Engineer Bobby Warner.

Three Or Four Shades Of Blues was recorded on March 29, 1977 at The Record Plant, New York, NY. Recording engineer Carmin Rubino.

Mixing Engineers: Bobby Warner, Carmine Rubino, Don Puluse.Charles Mingus is using a Yamaha bass amplifier in this recording.

Project Coordinator: Raymond Silva
Cover photo by Sue graham Mingus
Produced by Ilhan Mimaroglu
Executive Producer: Nesuhi Ertegun
Ron Carter appears courtesy of Fantasy/Prestige/milestone Records.
Philip Catherine appears courtesy WEA International.
CD Mastering by Zal Schreiber, Atlantic Studios, NYC.

Section Titles for "Three Or Four Shades Of Blues"
1. No sub dom Mingus Blues, two choruses trumpet, Tadd Dameron turn around.
2. Old Ellington two-chord blues, C Major to B flat 7th, no other chords, however one must be hip to Duke's linesto solo on these two changes.
3. Afro Cuban, puerto Rican basic root structure with East Indian melodic overtone blues lines.
4. Bob Neloms temp solo; caucasian folk blues, Jimmy Rowles piano.
5. An Ellington form basic blues structure, hopefully Ellington solo lines on top.
6. Count Basie-Walter Page Kansas City bass walking blues.
7. Back to Duke - and blanton.
8. Super Bebop Blues ( Check Bird Out) with George Coleman and the dudes who are advancing group improvisation, while USA press ignores them.
9. Back to super bebop line.
10. Then to Mingus, no sub dom, bottom blues line.
11. Then recession, recapitulation, with white folk blues left hanging.

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