1. Lady Amber
  2. Sunshine
  3. Two Whips
  4. Spring Fever
  5. Morning
  6. Mushroom
  7. Equal Evil
  8. California Woman

Musicians :
Joachim Kuhn :
Philip Catherine : guitars
John Lee : bass
Gerald Brown : drums

Recorded Union Studios, Munich, Germany in April 1976

This was the album, which Philip Catherine made prior to joining FOCUS, and is a pretty good jazz / rock album. The best tracks are "Two Whips" which sounds like a Jeff Beck / Jan Hammer work out and the jazz-rock of "California Woman" in which Catherine and Kuhn trade solos over a solid groove.

It is funny to reflect that Philip Catherine joined FOCUS and that not long after Joachim Kuhn teamed up with Jan Akkerman for the Jan Akkerman, "Live in Kiel" and "Pleasure Point" albums plus Jan played on Joachim Kuhn's 1978 "Sunshower" album.

Whilst Jan Akkerman is still keen to rock with the best of them and play a wide range of styles both Philip Catherine and Joachim Kuhn are now to be found only playing jazz, which is a shame. Philip Catherine is regarded as one of the world's finest jazz players.

Timothy Baugh

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