1. Mango Sunrise
  2. Breakfast of Champions
  3. Keep it real
  4. Ethereal Cereal
  5. The stop and go
  6. Her celestial body
  7. Pickiní the bone
  8. Magnum opus
  9. Haida

Musicians :
John Lee :
bass, ARP synthesiser and Clavinet
Gerry Brown : drums and percussion
Philip Catherine : electric and acoustic guitars
Eef Albers : electric guitar
Jasper Vanít Hoff : Clavinet on "Magnum Opus"
Rob Franken : Fender Rhodes piano, ARP synthesizer and ARP String Ensemble
Eric Tagg : Clavinet and ARP synthesiser on "The stop and go"
Mike Mandel : 2nd ARP synthesiser on "The stop and go"
Wah Wah Watson : guitar on "Mango sunrise"

This is classic 1970ís instrumental jazz-rock album in the vein of Return to Forever. It is interesting as it features both Philip Catherine and Eef Albers playing together prior to joining FOCUS. The album is strong with good guitar work from both players.

John Lee and Gerry Brown went on with Philip Catherine to record "Guitars" followed by "Springfever" with Joachim Kuhn before Catherine joined FOCUS. Eef Albers replaced Catherine in FOCUS but the two can be heard on the "Focus Con Proby" album.

Timothy Baugh

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