Transitory - Pork Pie - 1974

Transitory - 1974

Transitory - 1974
Pork Pie - Transitory released by MPS, MPS 68.125


    Side One

  1. Epoch
  2. Transitory (Part 1)
  3. Transitory (Part 2)
  4. Angel Wings

    Side Two

  1. Pudu Kkotai
  2. Something Wrong
  3. Bassamba (Part 1)
  4. Bassamba (Part 2)
  5. March Of The Oil-Sheikhs

Musicians :
Jasper Van't Hof:
electric piano, prepared organ, grand piano, celesta
Charlie Mariano: soprano sax, alto sax, flute, bamboo-flute, nagaswaram
Philip Catherine: electric guitar, acoustic guitar
J.F.Jenny-Clarke: bass
Aldo Romano: drums
Ivanir "Mandrake" do Nascimento: congas, pandeiro, tambourin, agogo, bells

Recorded at Conny's Studio, Neunkirchen May 17th/ 18th and remixed June 13th/ 14th 1974 by Conny Plank.

I bought this in Amsterdam in 1981 only because of the track Transitory. Transitory (Part 2) is the same Transitory that opens the Jan Akkerman - Live (Montreux album).
Side 1 is amazing; it is driving jazz-rock with the sound more jazz than rock. Maybe a bit like Sneezing Bull from Con Proby, that sort of sound but more raw energy. Angel Wings is a Philip Catherine tune which he later re-recorded on one of his Moods recordings. This version is totally electric, very intense playing.
Side 2 is less accessible, but after repeated listenings Something Wrong and Bassamba are superb jazz-fusion, but again different to say Mahavishnu.

Tom Watson

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