Open Strings - 1971
Jean-Luc Ponty Experience
Jean-Luc Ponty Experience - Open Strings - 1971


Side A

  1. Flipping, Part I (J.L. Ponty) 4:38
  2. Flipping, Part II (J.L. Ponty) 10:38
  3. Flipping, Part III (J.L. Ponty) 5:31

Side B

  1. Open Strings (J.L. Ponty) 14:50
  2. Sad Ballad (J. Kuhn) 4:12

MPS 15.343, MPS Records GmbH Musik Production, Schwarzwald 773 Villingen

Musicians :
Jean-Luc Ponty:
Joachim Kuhn: piano
Philip Catherine: guitar
Oliver Johnson: drums
Peter Warren: bass

Produced by Joachim E. Berendt
Recording director: Willi Fruth
Recording engineer: Rolf Donner
Recorded MPS-Studio, Villingen December 1971
Design: Bernhard Wetz
Photos: Cover - Anno Wilms

[From the liner notes by Joachim E. Berendt, translated by Andrew Carnegie:]

Jean-Luc met guitarist Philip Catherine when the latter was still working for organist Lou Bennett, during the time when drummer Billy Brooks was playing with Bennett. Philip was born in 1942 not far from London. The son of an english mother and a belgian father, he grew up in Brussels where he also attended university, studying political science.

Ponty: "When I decided to add a guitarist to the group, I thought of him because he is one of those rare musicians with a jazz background who has also assimilated what pop has brought to the sound and the approach of the instrument."

Image kindly sent by Tom Watson - Scotland

Text kindly sent by Ton Koelman - Netherlands

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