"LIVE" - 1997
Philip Catherine Quartet

LIVE - 1997


  1. Piano groove
  2. Dance for Victor
  3. I fall in love too easily
  4. Rene Thomas
  5. Wondering Why
  6. Nem Um Talvez
  7. Mingus in the sky
  8. Freddie Freeloader
  9. Stella by starlight
  10. December 26th

Band :
Philip Catherine :
Bert van den Brink : piano and keyboards
Hans van Oousterhout : drums
Rein van der Geyn : double bass

This album was recorded at Nick Vollenbregt's Jazz Cafe in Laren in the Netherlands on 28 March 1996 and showcases the jazz guitar talent of Philip Catherine. Besides some of his own numbers his decision to play a couple of jazz standards ( "Stella by starlight" and "Freddie Freeloader" ) help to confirm his status as one of the world's finest jazz guitarists.

Timothy Baugh

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