PORK PIE / Operanoia - 1996

PORK PIE / Operanoia - 1996


  1. Arthur Rainbow
  2. Hippe
  3. Merci Afrique
  4. Candy Lip
  5. Get Down
  6. Ballade
  7. lazy Day
  8. Operanoia
  9. Zulu Stomp
  10. The Quiet American

Musicians :
Philip Catherine :
Jasper van't Hof : acoustic piano and other keyboards
Charlie Mariano : saxophones
Don Alias : percussion and drums
Nicolas Fiszman : bass guitar

African choir on merci Afrique :
Sylvie Nawagadio
Aline Bosuma
Tanga Rema
Barli Baruti
Viktor Kabwe

Recorded at ICP Studios in Brussels, Belgium in 1996

This album is quite simply brilliant. The original Pork Pie was formed by Philip Catherine and Jasper van't Hof way back in 1972 and with bands like FOCUS pioneered European jazz rock music. The opening track is written by Philip Catherine and has to be one of the finest pieces of European influenced jazz music to be written in many years, and yes Philip actually leaves the safe haven of jazz music to play some fine jazz rock on this album. Highly recommended.

Timothy Baugh

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