MOODS Volume 1 - 1992

MOODS Volume 1 - 1992


  1. Cote Jardin
  2. The man I love
  3. Moods
  4. December 26th - variation 1
  5. Romance
  6. Fridge blues
  7. Cote cours
  8. Angel wings
  9. A time for love

Musicians :
Philip Catherine :
Tom Harrell : fluegelhorn, trumpet
Hein van de Geyn : bass
Michel Herr : keyboards

Recorded at Studio 44, Monster May 19 & 20 1992

This is a good jazz album and features some fine playing by Philip Catherine. The track 'Angel wings' was part of the old FOCUS repertoire when Philip played with them in the UK and was a searing jazz rock piece. Here it is played very simply on an acoustic guitar but is still excellent none the less.

There was so much material recorded at this session that a second volume named 'Moods volume 2' was also released.

Timothy Baugh

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