PEACHES - 1996

Peaches playing Hamburger Concerto - 1996


  • We did play a nice long set containing following songs:
    1. Intro (Fanfare for the common man) -ELP/Steffen Staugaard
    2. Childīs Anthem -Toto (first Toto album)
    3. Dayride -Return To Forever (No Mystery album)
    4. Kiss Like Judas -It Bites (2nd album)
    5. Santa Rosa -Gino Vannelli (Nightwalker album)
    6. Sidewalk -Chick Corea Electric Band (first album)
    7. HAMBURGER CONCERTO -Focus (Hamburger album)
    8. A Night In Tunisia -Dizzy Gillespie (adapted by Steffen Staugaard)
    9. Genesis-Stew -In that Quiet Earth/Behind The Lines/Los Endos
    10. Letīs Move To Cleveland -Frank Zappa (Best Band You never Heard album)
    11. Deadly Nightshade -Brand X (Masque album)
    12. Brother To Brother -Gino Vannelli (same album)
    13. Feel The Night -Lee Ritenour (same album)
    14. Peaches En Regalia -F. Zappa (Tinseltown edition)
    15. Sasquatch -Camel (Single Factor album)
    16. In The Name Of The Money -Gino Vannelli (Big Dreamers Never Sleep album)
    17. Brother To Brother (encore) -G. Vannelli

    Musicians :
    Steffen Staugaard: Main keyboards / solo keyboard
    Poul Andersen: Backing keyboard
    Henrik Franke: Drums
    Ib Hansen: Guitars
    Finn Wolff: Bass

    on other tracks:
    Guest musician: Olav Christensen - vocal

    The recording took place in a little concert hall in Sonderburg on the 3. of january 1996.

    "We are Peaches from Sonderburg / Denmark. For our own amusement we adapted a 1996-version of that fabulous FOCUS track. Seeing that no one of us could play a real flute (which is a must) or could do Mr. Van Leerīs extraordinary vocal-magic we didnīt play the flute and vocal interlude, so we chained the song together without these themes.

    We tried to do our adaption as close as possible to the original, but without having possibility to make multitrack-recording like in the studio. We also know that FOCUS themselves when playing this track live didnīt play some synthesizersolovoices - instead Thijs sang it with his great voice".

    Steffen Staugaard

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