(Strangers in the Showroom)

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  1. Año 2000 (Look at that light) (Alan David - version: Miguel Ríos)
  2. Jugando a vivir (lyrics: Roque Narvaja and Miguel Ríos - music: Roque Narvaja)
  3. Flashback de los años 60 (lyrics: Miguel Ríos - music: Javier Vargas)
  4. Hola y adios (lyrics: Miguel Ríos - music: L. Laina and J. Jimenez)
  5. Banzai (lyrics: F. Vazquez, X. Nogerol and Miguel Ríos - music: Salvador Dominguez)
  6. Al sur de Granada (lyrics: Miguel Ríos - music: Mario Argandoña)
  7. Sal fuera de ti (lyrics: Victor Manuel San Jose and Miguel Ríos - music: C. Attias, Tato Gomez and Carlos Narea)
  8. A tumba abierta (lyrics: Miguel Ríos - music: L. Laina,T. Barrios, V. Ruiz and J. Jimenez)
  9. Buscando la luz (lyrics: Miguel Ríos - music: Tato Gomez and Carlos Narea)
  10. Extraños en el escaparate (lyrics: Xavier Nogerol and Miguel Ríos - music: T.Gomez, C. Narea, Miguel Ríos and J. Vargas)

Produced by Miguel Ríos, Carlos Narea and Tato Gomez


Thijs Van Leer: synthesiser in 1, 3, 7, and 8; organ in 8; vocoder in 2 and 10; OBX in 9 and 10.
Willy Ketzer: drums; syndrums in song 1.
Tato Gomez: bass; acoustic piano in 4 and 9; percussion in 6; choir in all (less 4 and 10).
John Parsons: guitars in 1 and 8; electric-guitars in 2, 4 and 7.
Roque Narvaja: acoustic-guitar in 2, 4, 6 and 7; electric-guitar in 2.
Carlos Narea: percussion in all (less 1); choir in all (less 4 and 10); effects in 2; marimba in 5.
Mario Argandoña: choir in all (less 4 and 10); percussion and electric-guitar in 6.
Paco Saval: polyfonic in 1.
Javier Vargas: guitars in 3; electric-guitars in 10.
Del Newman: string arrangement in "Hola y adios".
Paul Shigihara: electric-guitar in 6.
Steve Gray: string arrangement in "Al sur de Granada".
Salvador Domingez: guitars in "Banzay".

Comments: Tato Gomez, Paul Shigihara and Mario Argandona also participate of Thijs van Leer's Pedal Point superb solo album.

Image and text used with permission.
Thanks to Mr. Victor Fernandez from the Miguel Ríos Homepage.

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