The Fire Inside - 1993 Columbia

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  1. Where love lives
  2. Dreamhome (Dream on)
  3. Lines on your face
  4. As I remember
  5. Close your eyes
  6. Rumours in the city
  7. Wildflower
  8. Fly away
  9. Blue moon
  10. Say it ain't so


Marcel Kapteijn: Vocals
Niels Hermes: Instruments and programming
Produced by: Michiel Hoogenboezem & Niels Hermes

Recorded and mixed at: Wisseloord studios
Engineered by: Michiel Hoogenboezem
Mixing engineer: Ronald Prent
Mastering engineer: Marcel Gelderblom

Additional musicians: on one or more tracks appear Thijs van Leer (Flute), Michiel Hoogenboezem (Timps & Cymbals), Marcel Schimscheimer (Bass), Ruud Breuls, Wim Both, Jel Jongen, Philip Kolb (The Stylus Horns), Hugo de Bruin (guitars), Tom Barlage (saxophone), Kees ten Dam (saxophone), Marcel Serierse (drums).


Interesting links to Focus; Thijs van Leer was in Focus; Tom Barlarge wrote Tommy and played with Jan Akkerman in Brainbox and on his 1978 Live album; the Stylus Horns appeared on Jan Akkerman's Blues Hearts album. Small world!

Tim Baugh.

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