On Goes The Quest - 1998

Maryson : On Goes The Quest (Master Magician II) 1998
Featuring Thijs van Leer


  1. A prolugue in Shadowland
  2. Master Magician
  3. Aesdal theme I - The pilgrim
  4. On goes the quest
  5. The desert's nightfall
  6. To the black tower of Zaal
  7. A song for scianthe
  8. Masilis
  9. The garden
  10. Exile form Yond Aeth
  11. Lessons of Iantha
  12. Hawaii
  13. D'anjal unfolds
  14. Wons
  15. A vols on the loose
  16. Emaendor (Emaendor init / The quest goes on)

Thjis Van Leer contribution:

Flute on:
  • The Desertīs Nightfall
  • Exile From Yond Aeth
    Bass Flute on:
  • Hawaii

    Label: WMMS,AAD,1998"

    MARYSON - On goes the quest. (7562) Symph Great second Cd from Hollands best symph band. A bit heavier and more guitarbased in the vein of Collage or Clepsydra, but without losing sensibility. Suggestive and romantic with Thjis van Leer of FOCUS fame on flute.

    Style: Adventurous symphonic music alike late Camel.

    Steffen Staugaard

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