Instrumental Hymns - 1997

Instrumental Hymns - 1997


  1. For all the saints
  2. Crown him with many crowns
  3. Jerusalem
  4. Thine is the glory
  5. Abide with me
  6. The Lord's my sheperd
  7. God of all ages
  8. I am the holy vine
  9. Beautiful saviour
  10. Ye holy angels bright
  11. For the beauty of the earth
  12. When I survey the wonderous cross
  13. How sweet the name of Jesus is

Thijs van Leer:
Johan Bredewout: keyboards
Phil Mills: guitar
Andre Pouwer: keyboards
Cees Ypma: flute
Plus other classical musicians.

This is an instrumental album in the vien of Thijs van Leers Introspection albums but without the jazz swing and large orchestra.

Timothy Baugh

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