I Hate Myself (For Loving You) - 1987

Van Leer Band


  1. I hate myself (for loving you)
  2. My inspiration
  3. I think of you
  4. Tempted
  5. Too good to be true
  6. Manchildren
  7. Hollywood blues
  8. You got me
  9. Sensitive boy
  10. Shock treatment

  11. CD Bonus Track: "All Because of You"

The band:
Thijs van Leer:
organ, flute, synthesizers, piano and yodelling
Peter Vlietstra: drums
Jan Peter Eerenberg: electric guitar
Luis Luz: percussion
Michael Gillespie: vocals and guitar

Eef Albers:
lead guitar on "I hate myself" and "manchildren"
Pietro Lacirignola: sax on "sensitive boy" and "you got me"

Music: Thijs van Leer and Michael Gillespie
Lyrics: Michael Gillespie

I Hate Myself (for loving you) - Van Leer Band - 1987 - Group photo

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additional information by Mr. Michael Gillespie

This is a good album with some typically melodic Thijs van Leer tunes backed by the excellent vocals of Michael Gillespie and the guitar playing of Eef Albers and Jan Peter Eerenberg. There are no instrumentals on the album but the track 'shock treatment' sounds like a Focus track and is complemented by Thijs van Leer's yodelling and screaming.

Timothy Baugh

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