Montreux Summit vol.2 - 1977

Montreux Summit - 1977


  1. Be Cool
  2. Two part invention
  3. The moontrane
  4. Red top
  5. Kanon for flutes
  6. Rites of darkness
  7. Night crawler


Main artists:
Billy Cobham:
Thijs van Leer: Flute and Oberheim synthesizer
George Duke: keyboards
Maynard Feguson: trumpet
Eric Gale: electric guitar
Stan Getz: tenor sax
Benny Golson: tenor sax
Dexter Gordon: tenor sax
Bobbi Humphrey: flute
Bob James: keyboards
Alphonso Johnson: bass guitar
Steve Khan: electric guitar
Hubert Laws: flute and piccolo
Ralph MacDonald: percussion
Janne Schaffer: guitar
Woody Shaw: trumpet

Additional players:
Greg Bowen: trumpet
Billy Brooks: drums
Alan Downey: trumpet
Peter Erskine: drums
Slide Hampton: trombone
Clifford Hardie: trombone
Gordon Johnson: bass guitar
Stan Mark: trumpet
Bob Militello: baritone sax and flute
Joe Mosello: trumpet
Geoffrey Perkins: trombone

Recorded by Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland on July 24 1977.

This album features some of the best jazz players of the late 1970's. Thijs van Leer plays the flute and synth on track one and then arranges and plays the lead on 'Kanon for flutes'. This is all typically 1970's jazz/rock and has recently been re-released on CD.

Timothy Baugh

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