Tracks :

  1. Renaissance
  2. Saint Germain
  3. Sacre Coeur
  4. Paris
  5. Hommage a La Femme
  6. Pierrot
  7. Message Magique
  8. Jean d'Arc
  9. La Musique Consolatrice I
  10. Roman des Reves
  11. La Musique Consolatrice II
  12. Victor

Thijs van Leer:
flute, synthesizer, and keyboards
Recorded November 1986 in Holland

This album is a pleasant surprise as it features 9 new Thijs van Leer pieces in the classic FOCUS style. You can almost hear how FOCUS might have recorded some of them. The album avoids the 'la di da' lyrics and MOR style of the Introspection albums for a direct classical approach, albeit that modern instruments are used.

There is no listing of the musicians involved although there is a mention of thanks for Hans and Bert (Hans Cleuver and Bert Ruiter?). Certainly worth checking out if you can find it.

Timothy Baugh

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