Introspection 92 - 1992


Tracks :

  1. I dreamed a dream - 4:37
  2. Wachet auf - 5:25
  3. Introspection 5 (dedicated to Rogier van Otterloo) - 3:46
  4. Go on forever (We zullen doorgaan) - 4:27
  5. Cavatina (Theme from "The Deerhunter") - 4:27
  6. Sarabande - 5:00
  7. Jesu, joy of man's desiring (from Cantata 147) - 4:46
  8. O, Thou that tellest - 3:16
  9. Air - 4:46
  10. Rondo '92 - 3:44
  11. Impromptu nr. 3 - 5:29
  12. Ennio Morricone Collage - 9:33
    Les deux saisons de la vie
    The Untouchables
    Novocento (1900)
  13. Bacarolle - 4:31
  14. In dulce jubilo - 3:28
  15. Old and wise - 3:55

  • Track 1 composed by C.M. Schönberg/A. Boublil
  • Tracks 2,7,9 composed by J. S. Bach
  • Track 3 composed by T. van Leer
  • Track 4 composed by R. Shaffy
  • Tracks 6 and 8 composed by G. F. Händel
  • Track 10 composed by W. A. Mozart
  • Track 11 composed by Schubert
  • Track 13 composed by J.Offenbach
  • Track 15 composed by E. Woolfson/A. Parsons (was a hit by The Alan Parsons Project)

    Musicians :
    Thijs van Leer: Flute and Altoflute
    Louis van Dijk: Grand Piano
    Letty de Jong: Solo Vocal
    Wanda van der Hoofd, Julya Loko, Lisa Boray
    Trio arrangement (nr. 3-6 and 15) Louis van Dijk

    Produced by John J. Vis and Dick Bakker. Music arranged and conducted by Dick Bakker Performed by the London Studio Symphony Orchestra

    Introspection '92 is dedicated to the memory of Rogier van Otterloo.

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    Liner Notes Introspection '92:

    In 1972 I had the honour and pleasure to write the liner notes for Introspection 1, featuring flutist Thijs van Leer, together with the composer/arranger Rogier van Otterloo. "A wonderfull combination of talent and taste", I wrote not forseeing that this first collection of magnificent melodies would ultimately be followed by three others, totalling sales of more than a million LP's in Holland alone. In retrospect this all-time record is not hard to explain. People with good ears were getting tired of loud poptunes and found solace in the mostly quiet classical themes, the lovely strings and woodwinds, the pure voice of Letty de Jong and of course the brilliant playing of the soloist. Van Leer, though he was barely twenty, was already known worldwide for his work with FOCUS, a now legendary group.

    Introspection gave him the first chance to show his love and feeling for the great masters he had studied since childhood. And how reverently he treated Bach, Händel, Faure and the others! The years have gone by and the playing of Van Leer has matured considerably, like a fine wine well kept. Faultless is his mastery of moods and his strong tone is even fuller and warmer than before, in all registers. Back again are his former collaborators, except for the unforgettable Van Otterloo. This genius of harmony and classical form died in 1988, only 46 years old. On this CD his is replaced by Dick Bakker, his most gifted pupil, who had the extra advantage of conducting superb London musicians, such as members of The Academy of St.Martin in the Fields.

    Introspection '92 once again features what one may call "classic evergreens" from Bach to Mozart to even Offenbach. But equally attractive are the themes from present-day composers like Shaffy,Morricone or Claude-Michel Schönberg. But my personal favorite is "Rondo 92" with an exuberant Van Leer, velvet vocals and perfect pianoplaying. Mozart would have been delighted. Twenty years after the first-born, this fifth Introspection, again conceived and produced by Maestro John J. Vis, is nothing short of sheer joy.
    A silver disc to treasure for many golden hours!

    Willem Duys

    Picture sent by Tim

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