O MY LOVE - 1975

O MY LOVE - 1975 - front cover

O MY LOVE - 1975 - inside pictureO MY LOVE - 1975 - back cover
1-Inside picture of Thijs van Leer; 2-Back cover with Roselie van Leer photo.

Front cover kindly sent by Tim Baugh. Inside and Back cover kindly sent by Jose do Carmo Lopes.


    Side 1

  1. Street Rondo (T. van Leer/P. Buckmaster)
  2. Eddy (T. van Leer/R. van Leer)
  3. Blue windmill (P. Buckmaster/T. van leer)
  4. Fisthearted (T. van Leer/R. van Leer)
  5. The Gleeman tonite (R. van Leer)

    Side 2

  1. O my love (T. van Leer/R. van Leer)
  2. Little brother (T. van Leer)
  3. Peacemaker I (T.van Leer)
  4. Peacemaker II (T.van Leer)
  5. Peacemaker III (T. van Leer)
  6. Little sister (T. van Leer/R. van Leer)
  7. What you see (P. Buckmaster)

Produced and arranged by Paul Buckmaster for R.T.M. Brussels

In 1975 Thijs was married to Roselie Peters. She was a very pretty girl who was of great influence to his musical career in those days. She also co-wrote some songs with him on "O my love", "Con Proby" and "Focus 1985". She also sang the song "Eddy" on the "O my love" album.

Irene Heinicke.

A curiosity: In the 'Live at the Rainbow' album Thijs played the melody of 'Fisthearted' in the overture of 'FOCUS 2'. It means that:

  • 1- Thijs already had this song in 1973, but he not edited in that time, only in 1975,
  • 2- Thijs had this song but not the lyrics yet,
  • 3- All the alternatives is corrects.

    Accurate observation made by Jose do Carmo Lopes.

    Tracks List and text sent by Irene. Pictures sent by Tim Baugh and Jose do Carmo Lopes.

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