PROFILE - 1972



    Side one

  1. FRESH AIR - 19:50
    a.Must be my land
    b.Wrestling to get out
    c.Back again
    d.The fight
    e.Fresh air - blue notes for listening
    f.Water and skies are telling me
    g.Happy GabriŽl ?

    Side two

  1. Kemps Jig - 1:28
  2. Etude - 1:30
  3. Blue Boy - 2:24
  4. Andante Sostenuto - 4:05
  5. Maybe just a dream - 2:33
  6. Minstrel / Farmers dance - 2:45
  7. Stick - 3:30

Jan Akkerman: Guitar on all tracks; Bass-guitar on SIDE 1, track e, f and g; Alto-lute on SIDE 2, track 1, 2, and 6; Spanish-guitar on SIDE 2, track 4
Pierre van der Linden: Drums on SIDE 1, all tracks, and SIDE 2, track 3 and 5
Bert Ruiter: Bass-guitar on SIDE 1, track a, b, c, and d, and on SIDE 2, track 3 and 5
Ferry Maat: Piano on SIDE 2, track 7
Jaap van Eyck: Bass-guitar on SIDE 2, track 7
Frans Smit: Drums on SIDE 2, track 7
Intro SIDE 1- Electric Fender piano: Jan Akkerman

Produced by Tim Griek
Sleeve design: John van den Berg
Photo: Dolf Straatemeier
1972-Recorded by B.V.BOVEMA/EMI, Haarlem, HOLLAND

Profile was actually recorded in 1969 after Jan left FOCUS and before In & Out of Focus was recorded. It was regarded as weak and was only released after Jan became a world-wide guitar hero. He was embarrassed and did not want it released as it was not representative of what he was doing in 1972.

In a magazine interview Jan recalls visiting England in 1966 / 67 where he first heard Julian Bream playing the lute which, generated an interest which eventually became an obsession. Jan loved the English countryside ( which is what Elsepth of Nottingham is dedicated to ) and liked the 1960s artistic boom to the Renaissance in 16th Europe.

Tim Baugh

In this first Akkerman's solo we can notice that each side of the recording is completely different from another. The first side is a suite of almost 20 minutes with many guitar solos and a lot of improvisation - it reminds the music that FOCUS did, mainly for counting with the presences of Bert Ruiter and Pierre van der Linden's.

The side two is more acoustic, with Jan playing lute, in the tracks " Kemps Jig " ( anonymous homage to the Dutch classic composer ) and "Minstrel / Farmers Dances" ( more known as "Elspeth of Nottingham" ). There are also moments for the blues in "Blue Boy" and "Stick".
Very recommended for any FOCUS' fan.

Rodrigo Mantovani

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