CHASER - 1979
John Lee and Gerry Brown, featuring Eef Albers

CHASER - 1979

John Lee and Gerry Brown, featuring Eef Albers - Chaser, CBS 36212
Recorded at the Easy Sound Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark 1979.


Side 1:

  1. Chaser
  2. Will It Last?
  3. Fate Ripper
  4. Daily Planets

Side 2:

  1. Celebration
  2. What It If*
  3. New Waves*
  4. Prospect Park

* composed by Eef Albers

Musicians :

John Lee: 4 and 8-string basses
Gerry Brown: Drums
Eef Albers: Electric Guitar all tracks except Fate Ripper, 2nd solo on Prospect Park
Kenneth Knudsen: Keyboards
Palle Mikkelborg: Trumpet
Bobby Malach: Tenor Sax
Darryl Thompson: First guitar solo on Prospect Park, and solo guitar only on Fate Ripper

There are no sleeve notes to speak of on this album. The music is hard fusion of a high standard throughout, with exceptional guitar playing throughout courtesy of Eef Albers who is in top form. Darryl Thompson is much more conventional - he may be remembered by some readers as a late 70's Hendrix stylist. Eef Albers playing is very much in the same mould as his contributions to Focus Con Proby - which I believe were the highlights of that album. When I listen to this and FCP I do wonder what might have happened if a partnership with Thijs Van Leer had been allowed to flourish and develop properly sans Proby?

Tom Watson

Image and text kindly sent by Tom Watson.

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