MIND WAVE - 1974

Cyril - Mind Wave - 1974

side 1

  1. Mind Wave (vocal)
  2. Can't Go Back There
  3. There's a Woman
  4. Consultation Song
  5. Blue Eyed Lady

side 2

  1. Blue Boy
  2. Fools Got You Running
  3. Try To Use My Wings
  4. My Time Your Dream
  5. All Kind Of
  6. Mind Wave (instrumental)

Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Herman Deinum: Bass Guitar ans Congas on Blue Boy
Rudy de Queljou: Lead Guitar
Hans Lafaille: Percussion
John D'Andrea: Helped out on Keyboards

Produced by: John D'Andrea
Executive Producer: Tony Scotti
Engineer: Eric Prestidge
All Songs and Lyrics: Cyril Havermans
All Songs arranged by the group
World Copyright 1974 - Radio Tele Music Brussels/SABAM
Recorded at Morgan Studius, Brussels
Design: Vincent McEvoy
Photographs: Hipgnosis

Image and text kindly sent by Barie - The Netherlands

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