CYRIL - 1973

Cyril - Cyril Havermans - 1973


  1. A long line of goodbyes
  2. A charm of love can be
  3. Theme for an imaginary lady
  4. Every day (just for you)
  5. Share those dreams
  6. Get yourself by
  7. The humpbacked flute player
  8. Lady sad song
  9. There's a pain
  10. Broken dreams

Musicians :
Cyril Havermans: vocals, acoustic guitar and bass
Jan Akkerman: electric guitar
Thijs van Leer: electric piano, flute, and organ
Pierre van der Linden: drums
John D'Andrea: piano
Chuck Demonico: acoustic bass
Emile Richards: percussion
Background vocals by:
Jackie Ward
Andrea Willis
Maxine Willard
Recorded at MGM Studios, Los Angeles, March 28 - April 15 1973.

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Cyril Havermans Out of Focus

In the beginning five musicians gathered in Holland and formed a new group. They captured the ears of the Continent and England. They became the hottest and most progressive group in America.
The group is FOCUS.

The members of FOCUS are all individual and extremely accomplished musicians. One of the members was particularly interested in vocals and the fuller use of the voice, not only in lyrics, but as an additional instrument. Since FOCUS was primarily instrumental in approach, he decided to leave the group and explore on his own. The parting was amicable. The man is Cyril Havermans and he's out of FOCUS.

When MGM Records Senior Vice President Toni Scotti first heard Cyril's demos, he recognised a new force in music.

On his debut LP, Cyril is fully backed by his friends from FOCUS and presents a selection of his own material. He employs basic and primitive sounds with modern progressive forms and combines them into a completely fresh experience. Flute and full throttle guitars mingle with strings and an assortment of percussion instruments. The harmonic structure and polyrhythmic approach paints an aural picture. It is the work of a man who thinks individually about his music.

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