From the Basement -1984

From the Basement - 1984


  1. Headbanger
  2. All along the watchtower
  3. Dark Rose
  4. Wallenberg
  5. From the basement
  6. PCB chicken
  7. Status quo
Musicians :
Jan Akkerman : guitars
Dino Walcott : bass guitar, vocals
Hans Waterman : drums
Thijs van Leer : 2o synthesiser on ‘Headbanger’
Piet Eisma : percussion
Sergio Costillo : Simmons on ‘Headbanger’

This is an interesting album which opens with a superb heavy metal instrumental (Headbanger), complete with keyboard accompaniment from Thijs van Leer no less, and then moves into a 14 minute reggae version of Bob Dylan’s "All along the watchtower" after which comes a speed metal version of the old Brainbox song "Dark Rose".

This album was recorded by Jan Akkerman in 1984 which was important in that it highlighted a thaw in relations between Jan Akkerman and Thijs van Leer (he played synthesizer on the album) which led to the 1985 Focus album.

It is supposed to be launched on CD.

Timothy Baugh

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