Jan Akkerman/Curtis Knight

BLUES ROOTS - Jan Akkerman/Curtis Knight - 1999


  1. Fat back Sue
  2. Daughter of misfortune
  3. How is the time
  4. Driving wheel
  5. Blues root blues
  6. Don't accuse me
  7. Little wing
  8. I would if I could
  9. Just jamming
  10. Cross road blues

Jan Akkerman
- guitar (except 'Fat back sue')
Curtis Knight - vocals
Sam Mitchell - slide guitar, dobro
Keith Dunn - harmonica
Larry Wildrice - drums
Dino Walcott - bass

Recorded at Sing-Sing Studio, Metslawier, The Netherlands 1998

This is a dirty old blues album with Jan showing that he can play the blues with some scorching solos which would leave Clapton's jaw wide open. Curtis Knight used to record with Jimi Hendrix and met Jan through Dino Walcott (who was in Jan's band some years back). A collection of new songs and some old classics like 'Little Wing' and Robert Johnson's 'Cross Road Blues' as well as a great instrumental track called 'Just Jamming'.

This album sounds like these guys just turned up at the studio and 'went for it' as it sounds raw and live. If you like the blues then you will like this album.

Timothy Baugh

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