SLIDING - 2000

Street Legal Project by Ton Dijkman - 2000

Street Legal Project by Ton Dijkman


  1. Homey's where the heart is
  2. Out of time
  3. Wishing
  4. Me and my shadow
  5. Father to son
  6. Ashphalt jungle
  7. Take a break
  8. Porcaro's blues
  9. Dogs

Musicians :
Ton Dijkman:
drums, vocals, keyboards, guitar
Jan Akkerman: guitar on Wishing, Asphalt jungle and Porcaro's blues
Manuel Hugas: bass
Randy Bernsen: guitar and guitar synth
Wiboud Burkens: vocoder
Leslie Joseph: steelpan
Nico Brandsen: Hammond organ
Sandra Sahupala: percussion
Peter Badenbroek: bass
Mike Hendrix: sax
Gerbrand Pot: Keyboards
Peter van Soest: trumpet
Jan Oosting: Trombone
Wiboud Burkens: Fender Rhodes
Jimmy Glasmacher: bass
Gerbrand Pot: samples, keyboards and pre-production
George Kooymans: backing vocals
Ferry van Leeuwen: backing and lead vocals
Jessika Hendriks: backing vocals

Released 2000

An interesting collection from Jan Akkerman's resident drummer. Ton shows that he can drum (well we all know that) but he can also sing and play the guitar. The music spans rock, techno and blues with European and Arabic influences. The stand out track is "Porcaro's" blues which is a great instrumental with Jan's smoldering guitar mixed with Ton's vocoder part.

Timothy Baugh

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