Shine On - 1994

THE CATS - Shine On - 1994


  1. Times Were When
  2. Wake Up
  3. Poppy
  4. Shine On
  5. This Town Ain't The Same
  6. The Dream Is Over
  7. I Miss You
  8. Money-Maker
  9. Anne Mia
  10. Only Words
  11. One Phonecall Away
  12. It Feels Like Crying
  13. These Tears Are Not Mine
  14. No Reason At All

Musicians :
Cees Veerman, A Muhren & Jaap Schilder (The Cats):
Jan Akkerman: Guitars
Ton Dijkman: drums
Manuel Hugas: Bass
Willem Swikker: Keyboards
Flaco Jimenez: Accordion
Eddy Conard: Precussion
Henk Coehoorn: Blues Harp
Sylvia Houtzager: Violin
Stylus Horns: Trumpets, Trombone & Sax

Track 9 is written by Jan [M Muleta]

Texts and image kindly sent by Paul Barrington.

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