Bill van Dijk - 1995

SONGLINES - Bill van Dijk - 1995


  1. Desperate
  2. Ridin’
  3. Everything must change
  4. Thinline
  5. Why, why, why
  6. 5-2-11
  7. Memmelly
  8. Songlines
  9. Don’t give up
  10. Where do I go
  11. Woman smarter
  12. Thorntree
  13. CD bonus
  14. Rindin’ (single version)

Musicians :
Bill van Dijk :
Jan Akkerman : acoustic guitar, Dobro, Framus, Gibson EB6, Fender Roland Synth guitar and Gibson 12 string guitar.
Bas Krumperman : slide guitar, electric guitar and acoustic guitar.
Ton Dijkman : drums
Bennie Top : drums
Manuel Hugas : fretless guitar, bass and 6 string bass guitars
Joel Groenewold : bass guitar
Nico Brandsen : Hammond organ
Jeroen de Rijk : Latin percussion, Zildjian cymbals, Ddrums, electronic
percussion, Gibraltar hardware, and other nameless objects
Andre Pouwer : keyboards
Kees ten Dam : sax
Recorded in Holland during the summer of 1995

This is an excellent album. Jan co-wrote many of the songs, produced the album and played guitar on most of the tracks. Contains an excellent vocal version of ‘everything must change’ which appeared on Jan’s ‘Can’t stand noise’ album.

Timothy Baugh

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