VIOLUNAR Kagermann


  1. The affair
  2. Free again
  3. Introducing the Venus
  4. Deep water
  5. Obscure places
  6. Boulevard St. Marie
  7. Shining
  8. The moon
  9. The passion
  10. Oriental petticoat
  11. Ridin’ the gypsy
  12. Devachan
  13. When?

Musicians :
Thomas Kagermann :
violin and flute
Jan Akkerman : electric guitars on tracks 5, 6 and 9
Budi Siebert : sax, marimba, percussion, keyboards
Thomas Fessler : acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin and sitar
Peter Keiser : bass
Walter Keiser : drums
Jon Otis : percussion
Thomas Rabenschlag : keyboards and piano

This is an excellent instrumental album on which Jan plays on three tracks. ‘Obscure places’ is co-written by Jan Akkerman and just features his frenetic guitar and Thomas Kagermann’s violin. This album is definitely worth a listen and should appeal to FOCUS fans.

Timothy Baugh

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