The Talisman - 1989

Forcefield 2 - The Talisman - 1989


  1. The Talisman
  2. Year of the Dragon
  3. Tired of waiting for you
  4. Heartache
  5. Good is good
  6. Carrie
  7. Without your love
  8. I lose again
  9. The mercenary
  10. Black night / strange kind of woman
  11. I lose again ( instrumental version )
Forcefield 2 - Group photo - 1989

Musicians :
Jan Akkerman :
guitars on all tracks except ‘waiting’ and ‘without your love’
Ray Fenwick : guitars on all tracks except ‘I lose again’
Cozy Powell : drums
Lawrence Cottle : bass
Mo Foster : bass on ‘black night’
Chris Cozens : keyboards
Tony Martin : vocals
Barry St John : backing vocals
Recorded in 1989

Forcefield were a studio-based ‘super-group’ made up of well known UK-based musicians. For the second album Jan Akkerman was added to provide some much-needed drive. This album is weak in places although Jan does his best to lift it, especially with his solo on an otherwise limp version of the Deep Purple classic ‘Black night’.

The opening track is an excellent guitar led instrumental where Jan shines but it is down hill until the last track, which is a stunner. Jan starts on acoustic before switching to the electric for a searing guitar instrumental, and is well backed by Cozy Powell and the band.

Buy the instrumental compilation, which has the best tracks on it.

Timothy Baugh

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