Joachim Kuhn Band



  1. Orange Drive
  2. O.D.
  3. Shoreline
  4. You’re still on my mind
  5. Midnight dancer
  6. Short film for Nicki’
  7. Sunshower
  8. Preview

Musicians :
Joachim Kuhn :
piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Roland Piano MP 700, Roland SH-5, Roland SH-1000, Roland String Ensemble, Hammond B3 organ.
Jan Akkerman : guitars; Solo on "Orange Drive", Lead guitar on "Shorline"; First solo on "Sunshower".
Ray Gomez : guitars, Roland Guitar Synth on "O.D.; Lead guitar on "Preview"; Second solo on "Sunshower".
Tony Newton : bass
Glenn Symmonds : drums and SYNdrums
Willie Dee : vocals on "you’re still on my mind" and "midnight dancer"

Recorded Feb / March 1978.

This album is not as strong as "Springfever" but is quite good all the same.

Timothy Baugh

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