Meditation - Tony Scott featuring Jan Akkerman
( originally released as "PRISM" )


  1. Silmarillion
  2. The offering
  3. Blues, blues and then some more blues
  4. Under the bo tree

Jan Akkerman: Guitar
Tony Scott: Clarinet and voice
Cees Schrama: Piano
Willem Essed: Bass
Bruno Castelucci: Drums

From left to right : Tony Scott, Cees Schrama, Bruno Castelucci, Wim Essed, Jan Akkerman.

Liner notes:

Nobody new what was going to happen on the 17 June at the Soundpush Studios in Holland.
Jan Akkerman, ex-FOCUS, nominated best guitar player in the world and Tony Scott, clarinet pollwinner for more than a decade and globetrotter, first met on the night before although it became a lively evening due to the eloquence of both parties and the "high spirits", no mention was made of the recording on the morrow.

Since I was the originator of this totally improvised session I have to admit that I felt a bit uncomfortable.

I shouldn't have worried. From the moment those two headstrong musical magicians entered the dim lit studio an atmosphere of high tension pervaded the air and as the tape started rolling and the incense burned, great sounds started coming from Jan, behind his double-barrelled guitar and switchboard, and Tony in his favourite Lotus position, dressed in black, humming and playing. Bass player Wim Essed and drummer Bruno Castelucci supplied a perfect smooth wall to wall carpet for the two genii to float on.

An extract from Cees Schrama's liner notes

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