Two sides of Peter Banks
Peter Banks - 1973

Two sides of Peter Banks - 1973


  1. Visions of the King
  2. The white house vale
  3. On the hill
  4. Lord of the dragon
  5. Knights
  6. The falcon
  7. The bear
  8. Battles
  9. Knights (reprise)
  10. Last eclipse
  11. Beyond the loneliest sea
  12. Stop that!
  13. Get out of my fridge

Musicians :
Peter Banks:
electric and acoustic guitar, arp, mini moog and Fender Rhodes piano
Jan Akkerman: electric and acoustic guitars
Steve Hackett: electric guitar
John Whetton: bass
Ray Bennett: bass
Phil Collins: drums
Mike Hough: drums

Jan Akkerman plays on 'Visions of the King', 'Battles', 'Last eclipse', 'Beyond the loneliest sea', 'Stop that!' and 'Get out of my fridge'.
Recorded in the UK in 1973

This is an interesting album which came about after Peter Banks (then the guitarist with YES) saw Jan Akkerman play with FOCUS in Holland and invited him to record some tracks. Akkerman and Banks set up their amps in a recording studio late one night and jammed away for hours on end. The results can be heard on this album which features some great work from Jan, especially on 'Beyond the loneliest sea' and the 13 minute epic 'Stop that!'.

Now available on CD.

Timothy Baugh

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