Personal Note
Mark Nauseef - 1981

MARK NAUSEEF - Personal Note - 1981


  1. Chemistry
  2. Talking Drum (For Ariel)
  3. Doctor Marathon Part I
  4. Doctor Marathon Part II
  5. Corsica
  6. Fillmore

Mark Nauseef: Drums, Tuned Gongs, Kalimba, "Industrial Surfaces", Tam-Tams, Cup-Chimes, Woodblocks, Voice
Joachim Kühn: Acoustic Piano, Roland Jupiter-4 Synthesizer, Fender Rhodes, Arp Sixteen Voice Electric Piano, Alto Sax
Trilok Gurtu: Tabla, Congas, Caxixi, Water Instruments, Anklung, Log Drums, Pans, Triangles, Metal Plates, Cowbells, Rattles, Whistles, Shells, Beads, Handbells, Voice
Jan Akkerman: Guitar on "Fillmore" and "Doctor Marathon part II"
Georg Kochbeck: Moog Bass, Hohner d-6, Fender Rhodes on "Doctor Marathon part I"
Detlef Beier: Acoustic Bass on "Corsica" and"Doctor Marathon part I"
Philip Lynott: Vocal on "Chemistry"

Produced by Joachim Kühn and Mark Nauseef in co-production with Achim Torpus and Walter Quintus. Recorded and mixed by Walter Quintus at Tennessee-Studio, Hamburg, August and September 1981

An interesting album which was only ever released on vinyl.

Timothy Baugh

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