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1970 House of the King

House of the King - Italian issue - 1970
1970 Why Dream/Happy Nightmare ***

The first album recorded was ‘Focus Plays Focus’. However, the product quality was poor and only 8,000 copies were sold. Due to the popularity of the band the album was re-recorded in London and renamed ‘In and Out of Focus’. These tracks were taken from the album and were not representative of the music the band was playing at the time.
1970 House of the King/Focus 
House of the King proved to be a big hit in Holland and France and established the band. The song was written by Jan Akkerman in Spain and proved to be one of the bands most popular hits ending up as a TV theme tune in the UK. If you had to pick one tune as an illustration of what Focus stood for then I think this would be it.
1973 Hocus-Pocus/Sylvia

A double sided Dutch Focus single from 1973 with Hocus Pocus and Sylvia.
1973 Sylvia/Love Remembered ***

A double sided Dutch Focus single from 1973 with Sylvia and Love Remembered.
1973 Hocus-Pocus **

This is for a 1973 Mexican 7" EP of Hocus Pocus, with side
2 being Sylvia & Love Remembered. Love Remembered is listed on the
cover & label as "Amor Recordado".
The photo of the label depicts a promo copy, but my guess is that it
was also available as a regular release.
1974 Harem Scarem/Early Birth *

European (UK) picture sleeve of harem scarem/early birth from 1974.
1974 Harem Scarem/Early Birth

Spanish picture sleeve for harem scarem/early birth from 1974.
1974 Harem Scarem/Early Birth

This is another Spanish single cover.
1975 Harem Scarem/La Cathedrale De Strasbourg/Starter/Rare

Rare Brazilian Focus EP from 1975. It was a 7" EP (33 rpm) and contained the tracks Harem Scarem, La Cathedrale De Strasbourg, and Starter and Rare from the Hamburger Concerto.
1975 Mother Focus/I Need a Bathroom

Japenese picture sleeve for Mother Focus/I need a bathroom from 1975.
1976 Glider (Planeador)

Spanish single released to coincide with the release of Ship of Memories.
1976 House of the King/O Avondrood Another release of ‘House of the King’ in support of a ‘best of’ release, backed by O Avondrood which appeared originally on a multi-artist Dutch album and was in effect a version of ‘Red Sky at Night’ with vocals.
1978 Sneezing Bull/Eddy *

This was only released in certain countries and featured the Philip Catherine track ‘Sneezing Bull’ which was originally recorded on his solo album ‘Guitars’ before being re-recorded for the ‘Focus Con Proby’ album. Eddy was originally recorded on the Thijs van Leer solo album ‘O my love’ before being re-recorded on the ‘Focus Con Proby’ album.
1985 Beethoven Revenge/Who’s Calling? This is an edited version of the album tracks. This album was unique at the time as the CD was released with extended tracks that were edited for the vinyl release.
2001 Hocus Pocus(fast)/Hocus Pocus

2001 release of US version of hocus pocus (fast version) backed by European single version.

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